Mini Courses

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These are for you..!

Each enjoyable download will guide you in making small simple changes to your every-day life that will help to reduce overwhelm, minimise stress and support you to build inner calm and restore balance.

These gorgeous self-care strategies have been specifically designed to easily fit into your every-day life, improving the way you manage your daily activities, restoring your energy and nurturing your own needs so that you can continue to pour from your cup and be the woman and mother you want and deserve to be.

Be warned, you are likely to experience things you thought were gone forever!  You will carve out some you time, improve the quality of your sleep, feel calmer and rested so you are able to manage challenging situations at your best.

the successful mama toolkit

The Successful Mama Toolkit

Less Stress - More Success

The perfect selection of carefully crafted videos to guide towards living a calmer, happier, and more balanced life. 

Learn how to master your mindset, connect within and overcome overwhelm in under 10x minutes a day!

Plus BONUS extras!

  1. Your personal workbook and guide!
  2. Growth mindset self coaching questions for daily success habits!
  3. Done for you Positive mental health and wellbeing prompts for a quick boost! 

Gifting you the time to embrace a more peaceful, happier, and deeply connected you, so you can live a life you love & thrive!

minfulness in motherhood ipad

Mindfulness in Motherhood

FREE Guide-book

This 10-page download is packed with simple yet effective solutions for reducing anxiety and stress and implementing some well needed quiet time.

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You might even figure out who you are again?!

Not only are these perfect for you but would also make a wonderful gift of self-love for a loved one, a friend or a family member.

It’s time to refocus on you and create yourself a scrumptious self-care plan that promotes and maintains positive wellbeing for you and for your family.

trust in your path