Ways To Work With Awena

You deserve to thrive!

Mamahood Wellbeing and Empowerment Coach & Therapist

Supporting you to deeply connect within and embrace your motherhood journey, whatever stage or age.

So you can enjoy feeling a sense of inner peace, clarity, and calm, knowing you're achieving your true purpose in life, as well as in motherhood!

Online courses

Master your mama mindset and embrace a more peaceful, happier, and balanced you. Feeling calm, connected, and in flow.

Everything you need to instill inner peace and wellbeing at your fingertips so you can live a life you love & thrive! 

Signature Program

 A unique, powerful, and transformative process, guiding you on a journey into empowered motherhood. 

 Helping you to fully explore who you are now and deeply connect your true purpose, feeling strong, confident, and whole again.  

Mama, it's time for you to rise up and step into your best self yet, you deserve to be thriving and winning in life and in motherhood! 

Free Resources

The perfect way to instantly instill inner peace and calm at the click of a button! 


Mama wellbeing in the workplace.  If you would like to discuss training, talks, packages or anything else, please contact me.