FREE 90x minute LIVE Workshop Experience for heart-led entrepreneurs and inspired souls

Awaken and Unfurl 

Unlock the secret to your next success story

Tuesday 2nd November 11 am

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Why not have a look at the the Awoken Woman Journey?

"The Awoken Woman Journey is a deeply transformative and experiential 6-week experience for  soulpreneurs, heart-led leaders, & creative visionaries ready to receive exponential growth & wealth expansion."

This workshop will guide you to:


Journey through the 9 A's of awakening, turning your awareness inward to deeply connect to soul, creating impactful change in your business and life straight away.


Experience the powerful belief clearing techniques you need to help you achieve more mental freedom, clarity and confidence, taking bold aligned action and embracing the success you were born to have! 


Claim the answers you seek to find as you call upon your higher self. Through an intuitive creative visualisation experience you'll meet your future self, surrender and tune in to her divine guidance.

Not your average web-class - expect fast results!!

NO ‘giving you the what but not the how’ either, you will be taken through a series of immersive and practical exercises to implement straight away.

There will be a very brief mention of my Awoken Woman Journey - my signature 6 week program, so you have it there IF you’re feeling called to explore this path further. 


I want you to relax, enjoy and embrace this time without that niggle in the back of your mind of a sleazy sales pitch awaiting you. This is your time to go in and connect. 


It's time for YOU to focus on YOU. 

This is perfect for you if you are...

One of the curious and inspired souls who are ready to take a deep dive into the subconscious mind, and explore what your creative self has to offer up to you.

Feeling a little stuck, deflated, or just wondering what the next step is for you, your ready to breakthrough and level up!

Feeling called to invest a little time and energy into nurturing your own personal development, expand your mind, connect to a higher power and welcome in positive change! 

What they experienced...

Hi, I'm Awena

Conscious Connection Coach for ambitious, soul led women ready to own their truth and create a life of wild success.

An experienced Occupational Therapist, Holistic Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Belief Clearing Practitioner, Healer, Multi Award Winning Businesswoman, speaker, teacher and a badass warrior woman with a passion to create global change and help other phenomenal women rise up and step into a life they are in love with.