The ​Mama's Wellbeing Hub


Join now at the one-time Founders Rate offer of only £15 per month!

This rate will be yours for the duration of your subscription

Mammas wellbeing hub

Hey Mama! I’d like to introduce you to a brand new online membership for mums that’s focussed deeply on you and your health.

​Easily accessible via a closed private Facebook group, comprises of live interactive workshops, masterclasses, teachings and yoga sessions. Streamed via Zoom straight in to the group for you to join in or watch later.

You are the very first to hear the full details of my ‘Mama’s Wellbeing Hub’ - A place for you to discover a better life balance, improve your health, wellbeing and have some much needed “me time”.

Right now, this is more important than ever. Mama’s are currently more stressed, less connected to their community, more alone and often doing less for themselves. Sound familiar?

I can help. This membership has been carefully designed to:

  • Increase your energy & improve your sleep quality 
  • Improve your physical, emotional and mental health
  • Help you recover from the shock of motherhood and reconnect with who you are now
  • Help you to realise your own potential, confidence and strength
  • ​Provide a strong and nurturing support system
  • Give you a sense of belonging through meaningful and purposeful activity

​Join now at the one-time Founders Rate offer of only £15 per month!

This rate will be yours for the duration of your subscription

So, who am I and how am I going to do all this?

baby kissing mumy

​Great question! You already know I’m Naomie Ella. You probably also know I’m a mum to a lively, adorable, fire-cracker boy who I adore, and you may also be familiar with why I started this journey.

What you may not know is my professional background and how that can help you. Before becoming a mum I was an Occupational Therapist (OT). “What’s that?” I hear you say!

As an OT I to use therapeutic tools and techniques that are tailored specifically to your needs, helping you return to optimal health, optimal function and flourish. Together we will identify activities that are meaningful and purposeful to you. So that you can develop and improve your wellbeing and create a life balance that works for you.

Through Holistic Life Coaching I use conversations and coaching techniques to help mums like you to achieve your goals and discover your potential through personal development, awareness and self-exploration.

Here’s what a recent coaching client said:

“Aahhh! I am loving life! It’s hard to believe that just a couple of months ago I felt completely lost. I had a million ideas for what I could do health and work wise, but I had zero confidence. How that has changed! I’ve started yoga, I eat healthier, I run?! And I am on a career path which I absolutely adore. Thank you so much!”

​ - Kerry; mum of 3, Gloucestershire

Feedback like that is why I started this work and why I want to help many more mum’s to thrive! And here’s how I can help you to do so..

It's time to prioritise you. 

More About The Mama’s Wellbeing Hub

Through a private Facebook group, the Hub provides you with the loving support of me and my team. I have joined with two experts in their field; Nutritional Therapist (Nourish Lancaster) and Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Hayley Court) to bring you the very best fusion of clinical, therapeutic and holistic support.

As soon as you join, you’ll start to make small healthy changes, that will make a huge impact on your life and well-being.

And guess what? You can start right now. Start to feel better, start to sleep better, start to feel more connected, stronger, more balanced, and more supported.

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Here's How It Works

Each month you’ll receive:

  • ​A live 30 minute Occupational Therapy workshop to facilitate deeper awareness and connection, personal growth and development
  • ​A live 30 minute Yoga session to rejuvenate and revitalise your mind, body and soul
  • ​A live 30 minute Nutritional Therapy talk to nourish, replenish and optimise your health inside and out
  • A live Guest Expert interview with highly engaging and relevant topics to inspire you
  • ​An audio download – Mindfulness technique, Relaxing Meditation, Motivational Mindset prompt

Plus! Each week you’ll receive:

  • Weekly support to keep you motivated
  • ​Inspiring and empowering prompts supporting you on your journey

​Plus! Founding Members will receive:

  • ​​30% discount off my 1:1 signature program and group programs for the lifetime of your membership!!

Self-care is not selfish, it's an essential and basic human need. 


This membership will officially open to the public this summer starting at £25 per month.


I am offering everyone on my current mailing list and members of my Connected Mother Collective group a one-time only Founders’ Rate of just £15 per month for the lifetime of your membership!

That’s about £4 per week for all of the above, no hidden extras, no changes. A yoga session alone would usually cost more than that per week!

As you have found this page you must already be

​Join now at the one-time Founders Rate offer of only £15 per month!

This rate will be yours for the duration of your subscription

The monthly membership fee for the Mama's Wellbeing Hub will be increasing after May 4th. 

So don’t delay, start working on you now. You deserve it.

Investing loving kindness into you and lay the foundations for your future. 

​You may have some questions….Let me answer them for you! 

  • Founders rate is for the lifetime of your membership. You stay at whatever rate you join at.
  • No major commitments. You are free to unsubscribe at any point.  So, if you want to leave the group at any point for any reason, just cancel your subscription in writing via email; or message me on Facebook, its that easy. 
  • If you decide to return to the membership at a later date, then you will return at the price set at that time. 
  • This is your membership so you can use it as much or as little as you like. Take what you need from the space and give what you can. 
  • You can join the live sessions or watch them on replay. You can sit on the edge or jump right in and connect with the other mums. 
  • This is your time so it’s up to you how you spend it. You get out what you put in. 
  • There is no homework, you can explore as much or as little from the workshops that suit you. 
  • Just think…. you might be doing something that has the potential to change your life forever…!

​Join now at the one-time Founders Rate offer of only £15 per month!

This rate will be yours for the duration of your subscription

Can't wait to meet you!


Naomie Ella

x x x