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It's time to refocus on you!

Mamma's Well-being Treats, Retreats and More...!

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​The Mama's Well-Being Hub Membership

The Mamma's Well-being Hub Membership is an online monthly subscription derived from the core principles & values of my signature 6 pillar program. 

This wonderfully nourishing, nurturing and inspirational space ​has been specifically created for you with the daily, weekly and monthly support you need to​ lead your life with greater confidence, clarity, focus and direction. 

Packed with the very best in clinical and holistic well-being support, this gorgeous hub is perfect for ​you if you want to...

  • ​Reconnect with who you are feeling confident and strong.
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • ​Build connections with other like minded mums in a thriving community.
  • ​Find new and exciting ways to lead a fulfilling life & thrive in motherhood.
  • ​Re-identify with your purpose and claim back your identity.
  • ​Learn new tools & techniques to improve your well-being, promoting positive health.
  • ​Lead your days with clear focused direction.
  • ​Feel at your best with optimal function
  • ​Be inspired & supported every day to take positive action towards your goals. 

Every mother needs her tribe - and your tribe awaits!

Well-Being Mentorship Program

My Signature Six Pillar Well-being Mentorship Program is the only transformational and therapeutic well-being program like it accessible online! 

With the incredible and powerful combination of Occupational Therapy and Holistic Life coaching effortlessly working in harmony together. Infused with expert advice in Nutritional Therapy and Yoga, you can feel confident and at ease knowing that you are getting the very best level of support in holistic well-being services. 

These six carefully & creatively designed pillars are based upon the exact steps that took me from drowning in overwhelm, loss of self and complete disconnect from who I was to the Happy, enthusiastic, go-getting woman I am today.

An entrepreneur, work from home mum running a holistic well-being business that I am totally in love with. 

Read more about the details of my program, whats included, payment plans and more!

Signature prigram

Mini courses with big impact!

These gorgeous mini courses have been carefully designed to support you in developing sustainable and positive healthy lifestyle habits for you, and for your family.  

So if you want to...

  • Improve your sleep quality.
  • Reduce your overwhelm.
  • Minimise stress and anxiety.
  • Claim back some 'you time'.
  • Manage your days feeling confident and calm knowing you are making the best decisions for your family.
  • Equip yourself with some nourishing and restorative techniques to ease your mind and easily fit into your every day life.

Then these little delights are the perfect thing!

​​Events & Retreats

Join Naomie and her incredible team at one of their exclusive Mamma's Well-being Day Retreats

Nestled in the wonderful AONB, Wye Valley Tintern, you will find our luxury Retreat centre. With breathtaking views over the valley, gorgeous yoga studio, cozy workshop space and the incredible outdoor eco spa, this venue is truly unique!

Give yourself permission to do something gorgeous just for you. And experience the magical benefits of what sharing in this wonderfully nourishing experience with other incredible mothers can do for you.

The perfect way to spend reflecting on who you are now while replenishing your mind body and soul.

It's time to prioritise you with some well deserved pampering.

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Events and Retreats

Everything here has been specifically created with you in mind.

  • To the woman who lays awake at night wondering if she did a good enough job that day. 

  • The mum who is exhausted and sleep deprived and craves some sort of normality. 

  • To the mother who is desperate for some alone time because she feels overcrowded.

  • To the mum who is riddled with guilt with everything she does. 

  • For the mumma who wants to show up for herself and her kids. 

  • To the woman who feels she is too busy for self-care 

  • For the mama who wants to instil some balance at home. 

  • And the mother who want to reconnect with who she is again, feeling confident and in control of her days.