Terms and Conditions of the Mamas Wellbeing Hub

These terms and conditions are set out between Naomie Ella – Motherhood Transitions and Hub Member (you). 

Please read these carefully. By joining the hub you are agreeing to these terms & conditions.


Your first payment will be taken out of the account you sign up with on the day of purchase, or in the case of a free trial period, on the day after the trial period ends. Following the first payment, following payements will be charged as reoccurring payments to be taken out on the same date each month for the duration of your membership. Failure to complete payment may result in removal from the membership if not made within 48 hours following request reminder. Your payment amount will be set at the amount you join for the duration of your membership. If you decide to leave the membership but wish to return at a later date, you will return at whatever the value is set at the time of your return. 


This is a rolling membership and you are free to cancel your membership at any point. If you wish to cancel you must make this request in writing 48 hours before the next payment is due to admin@naommieella.com. Please note that Naomie Ella - Motherhood Transitions is not required to refund for the remainder of the month of in which you make the cancellation request. However, Naomie Ella – Motherhood Transitions will ensure your next due payment will be cancelled and no further payments will be taken from your confirmed account. 


We kindly ask that you respect and adhere to this policy of payment and cancellation. If you have any difficulties making payment or wish to speak to a member of the team then you will need to write to admin@naommieella.com. All members are asked to respect and adhere to the group rules set. You will find the the group under the about section of the menu to the left of the page. We kindly ask you to respect the other members in the group and treat others as you wish to be treated. 

Privacy Policy

This is a private paid for subscription and is home to a safe, vulnerable, honest, and open space. We ask you to please ensure that all information of others, any classes, talks, workshops, written, video and photographic content of the group remains in the group. Failure not to comply will result in admin of Naomie Ella – Motherhood Transitions cancelling your membership and removing you from the group.