Matrescence - A Mother is Born

Matrescence is the term that describes the process of a woman becoming a mother as she transitions into motherhood.

Originally coined by Dana Raphael PhD in 1973, (also coined the more commonly used term doula) it is now becoming a hot topic of discussion, and I personally believe, it’s the beginning of a social movement for change.

During this profound and fragile time, you’ll most likely experience dramatic biological, neurological, psychological and physical changes. Your identity shifts and morphs as you start to view your world a little differently. 


baby kissing mumy

I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling any of this and all of this is completely normal.

Give yourself grace and love as you settle and readjust into your new role as mother.

You are still you, but a new and even stronger more empowered version of you! 

The mother self is born, and you are yet to discover who she is. This unique and magical  period of time deserves much attention, respect and positive influence. Enabling you to flourish and grow in the way you want and truly deserve to.

Other factors like emotional and physical changes, hormones shifts and new relationships require new levels of self compassion and loving kindness as you navigate this new world.

You might feel detached from the self, wonder who you are now and even want more from life. Your values and plans for life may change as you learn to adapt to new routines and behaviours. 

You are always more than enough

Matrescence is often an unfamiliar term, It's rarely talked about, prepared for or even known about.

Even though there is more being done across society, and globally, to support a mother in a more holistic way, it is not yet as standard.

Through my Well-being Mentorship and other services I am able to support you through this time taking a heart centred holistic approach to person focused care.  Following my personal experiences of rising strong in motherhood, and as an Occupational Therapist and Holistic Life Coach I can provide you with the tools and techniques which will enable you to thrive in motherhood feeling strong, connected and living a purposeful & fulfilling life. 

It is so incredibly important to nurture and care for a woman during this transition. For the new mother, and for her family.

So that she can grow and adapt to her new role as mother in a safe and supported way. With the confidence to talk about what’s really going on for her in a non-judgmental environment with all the nurturing compassion she needs and deserves.

Not only can this level of awareness, understanding facilitate positive mental health in the mothers of today. But it directly impacts the health and well-being of our future generations and on how women function within society.

The mother is so often overlooked once the baby has arrived, yet she is the one who needs the most support at this stage. The baby has his/her mother to care for them. So I feel that we, as a society, need to make sure that the mother is cared for too.

Every mother needs her tribe, her village.

tribe pic matrescence

Be kind to yourself.

Nurture your feelings.

Talk to others.

I want you to feel supported, and to know that you are not alone.
We all have our own unique experience, and we are all together in this journey.

The Connected Mother Collective is a FREE and private Facebook group full of amazing mamas exploring their
journey into matrescence.

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