Supporting Maternal Wellbeing& Matrescence

With the CPD Certificate in Advanced Maternal Wellbeing

Supporting Maternal Wellbeing& Matrescence

With the CPD Certificate in Advanced Maternal Wellbeing

Train with a CPD
accredited Program

Improve Client's Mental
Health and Wellbeing

Expand your skill set and
grow your business

Make a Positive Impact
in the world

You know postnatal mums need more support

Keeping a new mum's well-being healthy is paramount, yet so many are unable to access the support, or guidance they deeply need to enable them to embrace their journey into motherhood, and beyond.

Things Need To Change

  • More than 1 in 10 women experience Postnatal Depression within a year of giving birth - NHS. With the right support I believe we can change this.
  • Matrescence (the psychological becoming of a mother) is much like adolescence, yet is not widely talked about, understood, or supported in a way that is needed in order to best support our mothers, our parents, and our children during this magical time.
  • The expectations put upon new mothers to return to work, lose baby weight, breastfeed, and juggle career and family is too great, we need to change this narrative and offer substantial, practical, and compassionate support.

Together, we can make this change!

By joining the Advanced Maternal Wellbeing Training Program you will become part of the revolution supporting our mothers of today and generations to come a fusion of evidence-based science and holistic healing modalities.

Researched Based Techniques

By successfully completing the Certificate in Advanced Maternal Wellbeing you will be able to...

Create an Impact

Feel happy in the knowledge that you are making a positive difference to new mums, supporting their well-being, and helping them to connect deeply to their new role feeling whole, understood and supported.

Embrace Opportunity

Explore new and exciting opportunities in maternal health and well-being and add a researched based certified framework to your practice.

Grow Your Business

Gain the confidence and in-depth knowledge to run workshops, groups, and 1:1 so you can grow your business and enjoy the balance and opportunities you've dreamed of.

This program offers you a 'ready to go' framework which you can lift straight into your current practice or start a new business with. 

Supporting you in creating impact and income straight away. 

"This is such important work, our role as OT's really gives us that insight into how vital it is for wellness for the WHOLE person and how important the role of meaningful, purposeful activity on an individual level is."

Lee - OT

"With 27 years of experience in the NHS as a Paediatric Nurse & Health Visitor, I know how incredibly vital the right support for maternal well-being is to both mother and baby. This course is the essence of all I do in supporting parents."

Katherine - Baby Steps

Welcome, I am so glad you are here

Hi, I'm Awena

An experienced Occupational Therapist, Coach, multi-award winning businesswoman and Matrescence Expert.

My experience with matrescence and the becoming of my mother self was less than perfect, I have lived through Postnatal Depression and discovered my own pathway to recovery which led me to develop this CPD-accredited training program. My goal was always to create global impact and change the way we support those transitioning through motherhood, and normalise matrescence.

Through this program, my work with APP's, Educational Bodies, and speaking, I now educate and support others in developing more awareness, understanding and guidance on how to support mothers positivey and proactivly.

To my knowledge, I am the only Occupational Therapist currently training other professionals in this specific area of expertise with a CPD-certified training programme.

I am thrilled to be here, from a professional and personal stance, as I truly believe that helping mums to regain their sense of self, refocus on their well-being, develop a healthy mindset and adopt positive daily habits can enhance their experience with matrescence and thrive.

I am passionate, if not a little obsessed, about helping you, the professionals, to grow and develop your CPD and business so you can live a life you love and that feels aligned with your soul.

Earn credibility and ground breaking methodology
to ensure mums are happy and healthy

Get full support throughout the process of CPD and business expansion

About the Certificate in Advanced Maternal Wellbeing Program

How it Works


You will be guided through 6x learning videos where you will explore specialist modalities and practices that support maternal well-being and matrescence, and two growth sessions so you can begin to expand your business straight away!


Each week Awena will hold a 90 minute group zoom meeting for ongoing support, making sure you feel fully held during this exciting time. This is a great opportunity to ask your questions, connect with your peers and embrace your progress.


Each module has a short reflection piece to complete, helping you to recognise exactly how you can use these practices so that once you complete you are ready to launch and share your important work with the world.

This program offers you a 'ready to go' framework which you can lift straight into your current practice or start a new business with.  Supporting you in creating impact and income straight away. 

Each training video, including reflection, will take approximately 90min to complete.

You will be offered 2 additional sessions covering business support included in this training that will support you to get set up after completion so you can concentrate on making a difference and making an income straight away!

Throughout the program, we hold all our trainees in a cosy safe space on Facebook where you can connect with your peers, connect with your facilitators, ask questions, network, and build relationships.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate to evidence you have completed this CDP-accredited program and will be supported in showcasing this, putting you at the top!

Your Next Steps

1 - Sign Up

2 - Take the Program

3 - Make a difference

Join the Certificate in Advanced Maternal Wellbeing program today and pay the Introductory Investment of Only £997!

(pp option available)

"Your Concept is like putting the power back into parenting. It's so easy to get lost or weighed down with balancing motherhood with life pressures, working through this has helped me to regain who I am again."


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