July 30

Loving Your Postnatal Body & Feeling Empowered!

Awena Naomie Ella

I remember one of my main focusing points post birth was getting back to my size 12 fit body.
I was desperate to get into my old clothes and to feel like me again.
And through sticking to a nutritional therapy plan, regular exercise like yoga, swimming, and home DVDs got there!
Well, almost, but I was really happy to be where I was.
Since then, and over the last 2 years I have crept back up to my post birth weight. That's 2x stone and a good 1x dress size up (sometimes more).
For a while I felt pretty shitty about it. But equally, I didn’t really do much about it. That’s when I started to realise that my priorities had changed and that was OK.
It’s really easy to feel like we are ‘failing’ and give ourselves an unnecessarily hard time for not getting back to ‘The pre baby body’.
But the thing is...... We often neglect to really consider the lifestyle changes that have happened and look at this with self-love and compassion

Lady With Bump
Post Birth Tummy
What was your lifestyle like pre kids?
  • Perhaps you were someone who went to the gym 4x days a week?
  • Maybe you heavily restricted carbs, sugar, fat?
  • Were you a lover of the nights out, dancing the night away?

So yeah! No Flippin wonder you skipped about a fit toned size 12! (Or whatever size you were…)
It was a totally different lifestyle.
Now you’re a work at home mum (or a stay at home mum or a working mum….). You spend most of your time looking after your kid, sorting the house chores out and basically running about like a headless chicken with cracker crumbs on your handbag and food marks all over your clothes….
The constant chaos of motherhood leaves you little time for the things you used to enjoy and at the end of the day your exhausted and ready for Netflix and chill… not exactly raring to jump up and down inn your spandex!

Naomie Body

I heavily focused on my body size pre kids, like really obsessed about it.
But to be totally honest with you.... I just don’t feel like being a perfect size 12 is the be all and end all for me now. And what a relief that is!!
When you became a mama, your priorities likely changed to some degree, and now you see things differently perhaps.
Your family needs come first and that takes up so much of your time and energy.
You’re working and focusing on other stuff now, that’s normal, and that’s OK!

Thing is...

If you want to get super fit, you will!!
If you want to drop a dress size, you will!!
If you want to exercise every day you will!!

Want to find a quick and easy way to start?!

But right now, how about you take the pressure off, be kind to your mind, and just go with the flow.
Try not to worry about it so much, or even find acceptance with where you are, or if getting back to that is really important to you, find small ways of bringing this into your every day life and build up from there.  
It’s so exhausting giving a shit so much that it takes over your life and so liberating and freeing when you let it go and accept how bloody gorgeous you are.
If you want to make any changes, you know that you are fully able to do so!
Self-belief is everything, knowing that your value lies in ‘the person you are’ is everything.
Give yourself permission to love the skin you are in. 💕
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