January 11


Connect to Your Purpose and Thrive!

Do you sometimes find yourself hitting a wall, not sure what direction to go in, and questioning everything?
Like you’re wading through a thick fog?

Tell me…

When was the last time you gave yourself the time to really take stock and just nurture the inner you instead of trying to figure out all the external stuff?

Thing is, when you work on the inner stuff, the outer stuff works for you.

The key to running a successful business and life is simple!

It’s you. It’s about giving yourself the time (something we often don’t do as busy working mamas) to take a step back, shift focus onto you, and hit the pause button.

I don’t mean stop the bus and get off. I just mean breathe. Taking a few minutes in the day to be still and connect within. 

It's really hard to see the wood through the trees when your tangled up with all the things you simply must get done.  It’s ok to reclaim some of this time for you. In fact, I would say, it's essential that you do. 

Here are some things to try if you feel overwhelm setting in:

  • Take a step back and hit the pause button. Rest to reset! The world won’t fall apart if you stop, but you might if you continue to push yourself without taking a breath.
  • Take your fingers out of all the pies. It’s impossible to be all and do all, all of the time. Be kind to yourself!
  • Stop trying to fit in or follow in someone else’s footsteps. You are unique, wonderful, amazing, the world needs YOU! You are enough.
  • No more comparing yourself to another. We are all on our own path. You're exactly where you need to be!

The Successful Mama Toolkit

For the busy working mama

Gain inner peace, clarity, and calm in under 10 minutes a day!

Try this short self-reflection journaling exercise

This is one of the go-to exercises I do with my clients, it helps to sift through the chaos and get clarity, focus, and direction with your goals in life. 

Try this yourself and see what comes up for you:

  • What do I really want?
  • What makes me feel happy?
  • What am I no longer prepared to do?
  • How would I like to feel going forward?

This is your permission to hit the pause button and explore where you are right now.

When you do, everything will start to make sense!

You’ll likely find things finally start shifting, in ALL areas of your life.

You’re more likely to attract the right people who have the right energy and vibe. 

You’ll find it easier to be visible and share your thoughts and opinions because you're more aligned to your values, needs, and dreams.

Why am I saying all of this?

Because I have done the work on my inner world, and now the outer world works for me!

My business is in flow. I’m no longer stressed, confused, or conflicted. 

I have been approached by amazing people, brands, businesses, and larger companies which are perfectly aligned with who I am and what I am about. 

Most importantly, for me, my relationship with my amazing husband vastly improved, and our gorgeous little family is so much healthier and happier. 

We are stronger because of it.  

Like everyone, we still experience challenges and hurdles. But we have a better way of working through them now.

I’m not perfect!

I might not have the perfect marketing strategy, I’m not that fast at processing new information, I’m not a copywriter, a tech whizz, or a business manager….

I have learnt, and continue to learn, how to do these things. But I always get help because it's not my natural area of expertise.

However, I AM a highly qualified and experienced Occupational Therapist and Wellbeing Coach, so supporting others to live fulfilling and purposeful lives IS my area of expertise.

Facilitating personal growth, soul alignment, and helping others to adopt a healthy mindset approach in life IS what I am best at!

It's hard wired into who I am as a human, not just professionally, but personally too.

I believe that when you shift focus inward and intentionally engage in activities that deepen your connection to self, your purpose, values, and dreams in life YOU THRIVE!

From personal experience, and in my coaching practice, it’s been made abundantly clear that when you take this time to fully embrace the journey, without external influences or internal judgement or conflict, the outcome is so much better.

You are open to receiving more:

  • Balance
  • Freedom
  • Abundance
  • Success

You feel free!

You have clarity on your goals in life and you open yourself up to exciting opportunities!

When you are connected to your purpose in life as well as motherhood, creating an extraordinary life, for you, and for your family is easy.

Awena Naomie Ella

About the author

Awena Naomie Ella is mum to one tiny little firecracker and founder of Motherhood Transitions by Awena (formerly Naomie Ella – Motherhood Transitions). An Occupational Therapist, Entrepreneur, Holistic Life Coach and Well-being Mentor for Mum’s. Awena is on a personal mission to promote positive maternal mental health and wellness for all mothers. Supporting women to thrive and reconnect with who they are now so they can show up with confidence and inner power as they navigate motherhood.