Discover a calmer, happier, and more connected you!

Embrace living a life of Balance not Burnout

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give yourself permission to put your wellbeing at the top! 

Do you find that you feel...

  • Heavy in the body, tired in your mind, and drained a lot of the time. Feeling a little out of sync with YOU.
  • Frustrated and defeated, like your pushing against the tide, not getting anywhere fast, desperately craving some you time!
  • Overwhelmed, like your spinning all the plates. Wanting to move forward, but not sure how or where to start. 
awena burnout
walking in the woods with stan

Now, let's imagine you feel...

  • Deeply connected to who you are now, with a sense of inner peace, stillness, and calm. So you can make sense of the chaos and effortlessly move towards your goals in life.
  • Lighter and happier with a sense of acceptance and gratitude for all that is around you, feeling confident you are on the right path. 
  • Refreshed and ready to start the day with clarity, focus, and direction. Knowing the choices you make are the best ones for YOU and your family.

When you work on your inner world, your outer world aligns

Master your mindset, gain the clarity you need, the freedom you want, and enjoy living a life with less stress, and more success

(whatever success means to you)!

Enjoy feeling a sense of inner peace, calm, and deeply connected to your purpose in life as well as in motherhood!

Tell me, When was the last time you did something just for you?

As a busy mum do you often find that the end of yet another jam packed day, you're exhausted and wonder... "where did the time go?!" 

I know how the mental load of motherhood can become all a bit too much. The juggle is real my friend...!

Simply keeping on top of the household chores and the work load while trying to spend as much quality time with your family as you possibly can is enough. 

All you really want is to have a good nights sleep so you can catch up, feeling restored, calm, and ready for tomorrow, knowing that what you did that day, was good enough.

I've got your back!

Woman doing yoga

Set aside some time that you can call your own, to just sit in peace and reconnect with who you are.





Ohhh...what's this?! 

This is for you!

I have brought together the most gorgeous, and most effective tools and techniques I know, to create an incredible, and powerful, wellbeing toolkit to help you to thrive in your journey too!

min course bundle (2)

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What  they say...

vanessa yoga

This is gorgeous...

I bought this course a couple of nights ago as a new year treat for myself, as this year has left me a little deflated. What I love, is how accessible the videos are, and super short! I had just come back from teaching an evening yoga class so didn't have a lot of time (and I was tired), but really wanted to dive in. Such a warm and nurturing experience, already feeling brighter, it's exactly what I needed after a busy working week. Thank you! 

Vanessa //  Mother, OT, Yoga Teacher

I know you barely get any time to yourself, but taking just 5 minutes or less in your day will not only give you the 'me time' you crave and deserve… but it will begin to change your life too!

Give yourself permission to breathe

Shift focus onto you

embrace taking a

step back to move your life forward

When you do... you'll find yourself waking up every day feeling calm, connected, and whole.

Knowing that you are the best mother and woman you can be, staying strong to your purpose, your vision, & living the life you deserve!

Awena (Naomie Ella)
Wellbeing Coach & Therapist

I want you to know that you are not alone, from one mother to another I hear you, I have been to overwhelm and hit burnout in the past which is why I am passionate about helping buys mums like you to avoid reaching this point.

Everything I do is designed to give you small but impactful actions for you to take away that not only easily fit into your day but will help you to find inner peace, clarity, and calm again.

Love yourself. 

You are worth this time, energy, and loving kindness.


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‘The Ultimate Mama Wellbeing Guide’ is a free guide which will give you 5 quick and easy tools to help you:

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  • Embrace feeling calmer, more connected, nourished & grounded
  • Feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your days
  • Gain more clarity, focus, & direction in your life