Awaken Your Soul-Story

A transformational workshop for business & life expansion

Own your authentic truth - Unleash your your inner fiyah - Eliminate old stories!

 A self-led workshop For Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs, heart led leaders and creative visionaries who are ready to get out of their own way and take aligned action to create more impact and income

I smashed my 10k goal…

"That one technique was EVERYTHING, a pivotal moment and was the force behind overcoming 

any doubts or fears I had, and achieving a wildly successful first launch! Smashing my 10k goal!

It's become my business mantra."

Louisa Herridge

Mamas Ignited

Flip the Script!

No more - imposter monster keeping you small, living in the shadows.

Its time to go BIG!

No more - fear of failure, or fear of success, or judgment paralysing your every move.

You are limitless!

No more - self doubt,  confusion, or feeling out of alignment. 

Own who your Truth.

Awaken Your Soul-Story

£222 Now Only £27!

Awaken your senses and evoke your future self

This workshop has literally been changing people’s future, I’m talking about smashing their 10k launch targets, overcoming childhood trauma and stepping into financial joy, removing fear, and taking MASSIVE aligned AF action towards their business goals, which in turn have been positively impacting all other areas of life too


Imagine a world where you are...

  • Fully and unapologetically connected to your soul purpose, with a thriving business you are utterly IN LOVE with?  
  • Taking fearless aligned action every day towards your dream goals.
  • Owning your truest desires without fear or limitations holding you back
  • Confidently stating your prices, charging your worth, and receiving more wealth and abundance
  • Making bold decisions every day guided by intuition and trust, because you know what to do.
  • Feeling more in love with who you are now and who you are becoming, and what this new life you are creating is evolving into.

I will be guiding you to...

Journey through the 9 A's of awakening, turning your awareness inward to deeply and consciously connect to your whole self,  helping you to create impactful change in your business and life straight away!

Experience the combination of powerful belief clearing techniques you need to help you achieve more mental freedom, clarity & confidence, taking bold aligned action and embracing the success you were born to have!

Meet your inner guide and Claim the answers you seek to find as you call upon your higher self. Through an intuitive creative visualisation experience you'll meet your future self, surrender and tune in to her divine guidance.

Unlock the secret to your next success story

Gorgeous queen, It's time to Awaken your your Authentic truth

Queens who Unleashed their success stories!

"I highly recommend this amazing workshop! This triggered a a powerful & insightful lightening bolt within me. Setting  me on my path to healing the financial issues caused by childhood trauma "

Mary Hemmingway

Fearless Financial

"I took a HUGE leap forward after watching this! I have been wondering about the best way to push my programme forward. So, I went for a walk, decided yes I do....    ACTION TAKEN!"

Alice Hill

The Honest Birth Company

"It was awesome! Thank you soo much Awena, I’m Feeling positively charged and excited about my next steps!"

Mari Ryan

VA at The Mari Method

"I started taking action straight away today! So thanks again for a great journey of discovery this morning!"

Emma Shrubb


Awaken Your Soul-Story

£222 Now Only £27!

Hi, I'm Awena

Conscious alignment and Ascension Coach for ambitious, soul led women ready to own their truth and create a life of wild success.

An experienced Occupational Therapist, Holistic Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Belief Clearing Practitioner, Healer, Multi Award Winning Businesswoman, speaker, teacher and a badass warrior woman with a passion to create global change and help other phenomenal women rise up and step into a life they are in love with.