December 18


5x Wellbeing tips to avoid overwhelm & live a stress free life

Do you ever feel caught up in the hussle of life?

It’s a brand new year!

But you’re shattered, like utterly exhausted from the chaos of xmas and all the festivities have left you feeling a little less than fabulous. 

With the cold weather, long dark nights, January can leave you feeling low in mood, depleted and with about as much energy as a hermit crab.

So, let’s talk about why you might be feeling so frazzled?

Being the incredible mum that you are, you’ve probably ran yourself ragged by spending your time and energy making sure everyone else is happy, having fun, and meeting their needs. 

Which is a wonderful thing to do, and you’re doing a fantastic job! 

But how often do you put time aside for YOUR wellbeing?

When was the last time YOU took some intentional time out to MEET YOUR NEEDS?

To fill your cup back up.

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Here are My top 5 tips!

Here are My top 5 tips! to keep you feeling and being at your best, to prevent the winter blues, burn out and depletion.

So that you can start this year feeling healthy and energized, with easy to implement positive habits that will benefit you and your family as a whole.


Mindfulness is one of those incredible tools that once you master it, will bring you the most rewarding effects, especially as a mum dealing with life, kids and those millions to do’s that are running around your head every second.Mindfulness is about stepping out of that place in your head and coming back to the here and now, the present. 

By focusing on what you have going on around you, what you are doing in that moment you will instantly feel calmer, less stressed and be overwhelm free. 

Let me ask you - when was the last time you dried your hair and really felt the sensation of the drier on your neck and hair? 

Or the feeling of wiggling your toes in your shoes or slippers? It is simple little things like this that brings you back into the present (and feel great!). 

But aside from this a regular practice of mindfulness is amazing for restoring positive mental health. Regular practice builds up the brain density in certain areas and forms new neurons. 

The areas are responsible for empathy and compassion. Memory function and learning capacity and improving your mood by regulating your emotions. 

Helping you to declutter your thoughts and reduces the stress throughout your body, so you are in a much calmer, happier and in a balanced state of mind and body. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel happier and healthier without spending loads of time and effort?

Try just 5 minutes, or more if you can, every day. 

Discover my “Five quick and easy ways to calm the mind and relax at home”

Wellness diary

Create a list of healthy and nutritious foods and drinks that you enjoy and what to avoid. Get creative for family meals! And why not get the whole family in on meal planning, it will be fun and take the stress off of you planning it alone!

Pick a few simple exercises that make you happy and that you can easily do.

Start small and increase as you progress. The benefits of starting small means that you are setting yourself up for success rather than frazzling yourself out with too much too soon! Even starting off with some full body stretches for 10 minutes, increasing and leading it up to more that feels good.

Reflecting on your progress will help you to build your confidence and encourage you to keep moving forward, creating healthy and lasting habits that are great for both your mind and body.


For some, journaling can be one of those things that can seem overwhelming, worrying about to write, but believe me, when you sit down with your journal and put pen to paper, the thoughts will flow.

Simply write down everything that comes up. Try this in the morning and evening for just a few minutes.  

Getting these thoughts out of your mind and onto paper will help you to de-clutter your thoughts so you can feel calmer and less stressed.

A great way to prevent overwhelm and make space for new neurological pathways to form so you can replace the stress with positive thoughts.

Some people even use this when making big decisions in life. It helps to guide them and clear the fog.

Self-care plan

Create a plan for some you time. Just a few minutes a day will really help. 

Having a routine like this is a really good way to instil positive habits resulting in improved health and wellbeing. 

This could just be anything from reading a book to a face mask. A walk in the park, calling a friend or even just buying some extra vitamins and supplements.

Predictability also combats stress. Win!

Sleep hygiene

Sleep is so important for your psychological, physical and mental health, not only for you, but for your whole family.  It can also improve your productivity and function; everyone benefits when mummy is in a great sleep pattern!

My top tips....

  • Remove screens at bedtime. Instead what about a nice relaxing bath where you can switch off.
  • Go to bed a little earlier.
  • Listen to a guided meditation

Remember, you have got this mama!

Awena Naomie Ella

About the author

Awena Naomie Ella is mum to one tiny little firecracker and founder of Motherhood Transitions by Awena (formerly Naomie Ella – Motherhood Transitions). An Occupational Therapist, Entrepreneur, Holistic Life Coach and Well-being Mentor for Mum’s. Awena is on a personal mission to promote positive maternal mental health and wellness for all mothers. Supporting women to thrive and reconnect with who they are now so they can show up with confidence and inner power as they navigate motherhood.

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