Mamahood Wellbeing and Empowerment!

Supporting you to embrace your journey and thrive.  Because in motherhood, the learning never stops. 

It's time to live your purpose!


When you birthed your baby, you also birthed your new self - your mother self.  

From this point forward, you are set on a path of self discovery, exploration, and you seek to live in alignment with who you are as YOU, as well as mama!

I am here to help you figure that part out, become deeply connected to your purpose and establish what it is that you want to achieve in life. Meeting you exactly where you are NOW. 

Whatever your stage or age, there is space for you here...

Pregnant Woman
Woman and Baby
Stan and me

Whilst you’re busy enjoying motherhood it can often feel like you’ve lost connection to who you really are.

You want to thrive in and out of the home, feeling like you have a happy balance to your days. 

You want to feel understood, energized, and motivated to do more of the things you love! Guilt free!

You want to feel happy, healthy, and in control of your time, emotions, and wellbeing

You want to be living your life to the fullest; unapologetically!
I am here to tell you that yes,  you absolutely can achieve all of this! 
I'm also here to help you to understand what is happening to you as a mum.

Hi, I'm Awena, 

Helping You To Find A Way Forward

Supporting mothers of any stage and age to embrace their journey into motherhood and beyond, to thrive, and rise strong.

Providing teaching and expert talks to inform, educate, and inspire the world to learn all about matrescence so we can collectively heal, grow, and better support our mothers. 

Developing, creating, and delivering transformational therapeutic coaching programs, and online support for individuals and organizations, creating global impact and systemic change.

Facilitating safe space for self exploration and discovery, personal development and growth. 

Empowering and inspiring mothers to develop a healthy approach to positive mental health and wellbeing, creating lasting positive change.

The world is changing and we are rising!

Matrescencethe transformational journey every woman goes through when becoming a mother.
It's a time to honour yourself with a deeper understanding of the phenomenal changes you go through, biologically and cognitively, emotionally and spiritually, environmentally and socially.
You are evolving all the time and you will continue to grow and develop into your mother self as your children grow. This time deserves much self-compassion, loving kindness, and respect.

Let’s welcome in the woman and mother that you want & truly deserve to be with love, strength and compassion.

Connected Mother Collective

The Connected Mother Collective is a super supportive FREE group on facebook. 

A safe, non-judgemental & empowering space for mums to talk openly and honestly about the daily juggle of motherhood.

Mama, it’s time to shift focus on you..!

Awena reading book

Your wellbeing is paramount, yet as mothers, we tend to put our needs at the bottom of the pile, this can result in feeling lost and our wellbeing often takes a hit. It doesn’t need to be this way.

I support amazing women just like you, to deeply connect with 
who they are now in motherhood so they can live  balanced, fulfilling lives, feeling confident as mother, and independent woman.

Empowering you to develop a 
healthy approach to positive mental health and wellbeing, creating lasting positive change, living your life the way you want. 

The thing is, when you take care of your own
happiness, your own health, and your own sense of fulfilment; everything else feels so much easier.

Balance is possible. 

Enjoying motherhood without losing yourself is possible!

 "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

- Michelle Obama

Wonderful Words...

I am feeling so exhilarated! So much has been achieved thanks to you and your Six pillar mentorship program. I feel like I am not only being spurred on but really listened to.

I now actually have a realistic plan and deadlines. I feel that I’ve achieved so much from Matrescence thanks to you.

You are a total inspiration and guiding light. You have given me direction and a path to follow that was within me but you brought it out. 

Lilla Tan Client

Last night I had a gorgeous 1-1 breakthrough session with Awena.

I felt so heard and held in our call and Naomie reflected back to me what I wasn't seeing. 

She reminded me that I AM doing an amazing job already and it's okay to slow down and get clear on my time and what important to me.

I'm feeling really energized after our call and set things in motion with carving out time for myself with my partner as soon as I got off the call!

Juliet Mary - Client

client pic

When I found Awena I immediately booked a breakthrough session with her. I had so many ideas, some good and some awful. She really helped me to work out which ones excited me, which ones resonated most with my values and who I was as a mum and woman.

By the end of the session, I had a plan -- and more importantly the confidence to see it through.

Awena was the perfect mentor me, and continues to be!

She understands mothers like nobody else I know

Kerry Leppier - Client

Mother and Child

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Naomie Ella Influential Business Woman Award
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Naomie Ella Influential Business Woman Award
Health Care Profession Council