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Connecting you to a deeper sense of self so you can rise and thrive with clarity, focus & direction

When we birth our baby, we also birth our new self, our mother self.

As an Occupational Therapist & Holistic Life Coach I’m deeply passionate about supporting you to lead a fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life, achieve positive well-being and thrive in motherhood. Evolving into your mother self is a profound & amazing experience, but it isn't always an easy one. 

My hope is to inspire you to refocus on your well-being, your true purpose and your dreams while nurturing you to optimal health; creating lasting positive change. Let’s welcome in the woman and mother that you want & truly deserve to be with love, strength and compassion.

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Hi, I’m Naomie Ella, entrepreneur, self-improvement enthusiast and mum to one incredible little firecracker.

I'm on a personal mission to promote positive well-being in motherhood in a holistic, open and honest way. Empowering incredible mothers, just like you, to step into their true authentic self and live their best life yet! 

For you that might look like starting a business from home, or retrain in an area you love. You might be craving a better work/ life/ family balance, improve your relationships, feel happier and healthier in your own skin, or to create more time for your friends, yoga or creativity. 

Perhaps you just need to make a good old fashioned action plan, with realistic, achievable and purposeful goals. 

Or simply to find that balance within so you can feel on top and confident as the wonderful mamma you are.

Life doesn’t have to be all about insane piles of washing or the ‘just getting by’ stuff.  Taking time to reflect, reconnect and think about who YOU are again & what YOU want is an essential part of the process.

This is your time to shine mama!

So, allow yourself to feel inspired, try new things and most importantly, invest a whole lot of love back into YOU!

Naomie Says Yes!

It doesn’t make you a bad mum for wanting more. 

It makes you an AMAZING mum! 

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 "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

- Michelle Obama

Wonderful Words...

I am feeling so exhilarated! So much has been achieved thanks to you and your Six pillar mentorship program. I feel like I am not only being spurred on but really listened to.

I now actually have a realistic plan and deadlines. I feel that I’ve achieved so much from Matrescence thanks to you.

You are a total inspiration and guiding light. You have given me direction and a path to follow that was within me but you brought it out. 

Lilla Tan Client

Last night I had a gorgeous 1-1 breakthrough session with Naomie.

I felt so heard and held in our call and Naomie reflected back to me what I wasn't seeing. 

She reminded me that I AM doing an amazing job already and it's okay to slow down and get clear on my time and what important to me.

I'm feeling really energized after our call and set things in motion with carving out time for myself with my partner as soon as I got off the call!

Juliet Mary - Client


You have such a beautiful energy.

I love how conscious you are about this deep inner transformation, and aware of an individuals needs and personality.

It's so so important. 

My mum had a difficult time with postnatal depression, I wish she would have had someone like you. 

Thank you for what you're doing.

CMC - Facebook 

awareness is positive change
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